The TB active screening was conducted in Section 3 of the Mae Ja Rao sub - district in the Tak Province. 

From September 11-15, 2023, the SMRU/BHF TB department, collaborated closely with village leaders and community health workers and carried out TB active screening within Section 3 of Mae Ja Rao Municipal in Tak province.

Over 5 days of screening, a total of 472 participants, comprising 218 males and 254 females, actively participated in the screening. Among these individuals, 30 were identified as potential TB suspects for further investigation through sputum.

The aim of TB active screening is to deliver healthcare services to underserved populations, including undocumented migrants living in communities, who often lack access to healthcare facilities in order to reduce the spread of tuberculosis.

In the coming month of October, the TB department plans to conduct TB active screening for the migrant workers in Phop Phra district. Simultaneously, the Community Engagement department is preparing to raise health awareness among these migrant workers.

We would like to thank the community health workers, the head of the village, the CE/PE department, and the TB department for their dedication in successfully completing the TB active screening in these 5 days.