Children picking flowers @ Suphak Nosten


SMRU’s clinics along the Thai-Myanmar border offer free healthcare to people from ethnic minorities (“hilltribes”) who seek refuge from the more than 25 year conflict in their homelands inside Myanmar. We see more than 100,000 patients annually, focusing especially on pregnant women and children’s health. We see 1,500 women per week in antenatal clinics, and safely deliver 1,000 babies per year. In 2010 we treated 15,000 cases of malaria and provided 10,000 children with vaccinations. 


Ultrasound Technicians with expectant mother in the ANC unit

We Make the Best Use of Your Donation

SMRU can make the best possible use of your donation because our expatriate doctors' salaries, management and overhead costs are already supported by research grants - this means that your donation will directly benefit local people. It will be used to provide medicines and diagnostic tests, and will enable us to employ and train local people, from the communities we serve, as nurses, midwives, medics and the support staff needed to run our network of clinics successfully.

Midwives at Mawker Thai Migrant Clinic, Thailand

You can make a donation on-line through the University of Oxford’s website, or if you prefer to donate by mail or bank transfer, via the Action for the Relief of Maternal Malaria and AIDS (ARMA).




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