SMRU Clinics

Mothers attending ANC at Wang Pha Migrant Clinic

The central office of SMRU is located in Mae Sot, Thailand. The central laboratory facilities include microbiology, malaria microscopy, malaria in-vitro, haematology, and entomology. The administrative and logistic departments are also located at the central office. SMRU operates several clinics and field hospitals along the Thailand Myanmar border that serve migrant and refugee populations. Services are free and include outpatient and inpatient departments (general medicine and paediatrics), antenatal care clinic, labor and delivery ward, special care baby unit (SCBU), and TB and HIV care. Field laboratories provide microscopy (for malaria, microbiology, and haematology), biochemistry (in select sites), field haematocrit, some rapid diagnostic testing (i.e. G6PD deficiency) and also process samples collected for research purposes. Dispensaries are located along the Myanmar border:

  • Maela clinic serves refugees in Maela camp, north of Mae Sot
  • Mawker Thai clinic is located south of Mae Sot and serves the migrant population
  • Morunchai Clinic (only outpatient) is located south of Mae Sot near Mawker Thai and serves the migrant population
  • Wang Pha clinic is located west of Mae Sot and serves the migrant population
  • Wang Pha TB Clinic (located near Wang Pha clinic)
  • Koko TB Clinic (located in Myanmar across from Wang Pha)

Advanced training has been provided over the years so that today, highly competent local staff is operating the Unit. Over the years, SMRU has conducted major research projects, mainly on malaria and has become an internationally recogonised research unit. It is also a major source of health services for the border population.