I am now 60 years old Physician, specialized in Public health, and with some experience in project management. Since many years, I had focused in health inequalities in many field and looked at how acting as Public Health physician in different organizations and setting, I can contribute for better access of marginalized people to health care;

I graduated after medical studies at Medical University of Montpellier in France. It is the oldest Medical school of the World going back to 1181 when the lord of Montpellier allow to practice and teach medicine there.

I have humanitarian background with MSF, and that is how I came once to Maesod on the Thai Burma border, and how I started to discover and know the Karen People, and start to work with Francois Nosten and Nick White on Malaria.

After a master`s degree in public health in Los Angeles, I came back to France and work as PH project manager in a sub urban area close to Paris, where inequalities of health were at the most prevalent level in France. During years of services in the public health department of this district of Seine-Saint-Denis, I had to implement, organize and follow many kind of project as Immunization campaign, and whole Immunization program; I work in collaboration with researcher on Occupational cancer and develop Breast cancer screening program. On last years, I came back to my favorite field as infectious diseases and manage disease control program for tuberculosis, STI, and Immunization program.

I was proposed by Pr. F Nosten, to come back to Maesod and work with SMRU as TB program director, and I am now running that program in all its components of TB disease, regular TB, but also Co infected TB-HIV, and resistant TB, with amazing dedicated staff, and support of all SMRU administrative team.

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Michele Vincenti-Delmas
Tuberculosis Program Director

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