Shoklo Nifty Fifty to raise awareness for "Save 2 lives with One Operation" Campaign

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Professor Rose McGready, doctor and deputy director of Shoklo Malaria Research Unit, is participating in an epic triple-triathlon on Sunday, November 19th in order to highlight and raise money for the Save 2 lives with one operation campaign.

The Sri Chinmoy Triple-Triathlon is comprised of three back-to-back off-road triathlons totaling 150km around Australia’s national capital: Canberra, (Rose’s hometown.) This is the 20th year of the iconic race.

The race is split into 9 segments, and although some attempt the course solo (imagine!) Rose will be joined by brother, Martin McGready and friend Jeff Grey.


Rose McGready

Martin McGready

Jeff Grey

The mixed team of three, aptly named the ‘Shoklo Nifty Fifty’ (all being over 50 years old and hoping to live up to the nifty part) will tackle each of the three separate parts in turn: Rose handling the 6.2km of swimming (through 3 separate lakes), Martin taking on the 95km of mountain biking, and Jeff completing the 42km running portions of the race.

It will take close to an entire day for the team to complete the 150km race!

The team hopes that by highlighting the GoFundMe campaign, they will raise awareness about maternal and child health needs on the Thai-Burma border and help the campaign to reach its goal of $50,000 which will fund 100 caesarean sections, saving 200 lives!  #Save2lives_1op  #safebirth  #safemotherhood

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