Event: Cycling for SMRU - Sep 17th, 2016 (updated!)

On Saturday, the 17th of September 2016 Stichting Malariadokters will organise a cycling event in the Netherlands to raise money for the rehabilitation of SMRU's Kokko clinic.

Stichting Malariadokters is a Dutch organisation founded by doctors Marcus and Machteld Rijken to support healthcare projects along the Thai-Myanmar border. Both Marcus and Machteld worked with SMRU in the past.

To support the good work they do and to raise even more awareness in the Netherlands Dr. Bert van Enter, a physician with SMRU will cycle here in Thailand as well.  Of course it is more fun to do these things together, therefore if anyone is interested in joining him for a cycling tour in the area - the idea is to have two seperate goups, one group will cycle one long route (~130km) between all three SMRU clinics and one shorter route(~20-25km) between Wang Pha and the SMRU office in Mae Sot. 

When everybody is back in Mae Sot, it would be nice to end the day with a nice dinner and drinks together at the SMRU office. Because it is a fundraising event for charity please bring own food and drinks! We will start at 5 pm!

Please let Bert know if you are interested before the 31st of August. The purpose of this tour is to show support for Stichting Malariadokters and their work to raise money for the Kokko clinic, so there will be no required donation or contribution.  However, if you have friends or family who would like to sponsor you for this event it would be great!

Hope to see all interested on the 17th of September!

Event Details:
When: 17th of September 2016
Where: Mae Sot area
Distance: Long route (~130km), short route (~20-25km)

Contact Information:
Dr. Bert van Enter, bert@shoklo-unit.com




Photo: Cycling for SMRU





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