Jordi specialized in Infectious Diseases epidemiology and Public Health research after an initial training in Molecular and Cellular Biology.  He obtained his Master of Public Health and PhD from Institut Pasteur and Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris. His scientific interests focus on the transmission of infectious diseases, from understanding the mechanisms in play to finding the best strategies to interrupt it. He is particularly interested in multidisciplinary approaches to tackle complex problems of interactions between humans, pathogens and environment (vectors, climate…).

His doctoral research project was conducted at the Institut Pasteur in Paris and the Centre Pasteur du Cameroun in Yaoundé, Cameroon, and focused on the understanding of the epidemiology of the transmission of Mycobacterium ulcerans, etiologic agent of Buruli ulcer. Within a multidisciplinary research team including specialists in genomics, ecology, entomology and anthropology, he worked on characterizing individual, behavioural and environmental risks of contracting Buruli ulcer.

Looking for the challenges of operational research aiming at high public health impact, Jordi joined the Malaria Elimination Task Force at SMRU as epidemiologist in January 2015. Working in close collaboration with the scientists and operational members of the team, he is mainly involved in the analysis of the epidemiological data generated by the project. His tasks include coordinating epidemiological data collection; designing and performing data analyses; reporting relevant indicators to all program components and participating to the scientific diffusion of the program results and findings. His research currently focuses on the impact on P. falciparum elimination of generalized access to treatment in METF target region, as well as evaluating the contribution of mass drug administration in high malaria prevalence communities.



Jordi Landier

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